4 Signs Your Air Conditioner Is In Need Of Repair

30 December 2014
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Your home's air conditioner doesn't need to break down completely for it to be in need of repair. Parts can begin to fail or certain components inside the unit can be in disrepair even though the unit itself is still working. If you have these thing repaired as quickly as possible you can save yourself the cost of more extensive repairs down the road and ensure your unit continues to work as it should. Consider these signs that your air conditioner is in need of repair even though it may still be functioning.

1. Thumping, bumping, or grinding noises

An air conditioner may make a low, dull hum as the motor and other parts push cooler air through your home, but any type of thumping, bumping, or grinding noises should be checked immediately. Usually these are signs that a part has come loose and is grinding against another part or is simply bumping against the unit as it works. Ignoring this problem can allow it to come apart altogether and your unit may then fail to operate.

2. Burning, moldy, or musty smells

A burning smell usually indicates your motor or fan are burning out and they may soon fail completely. Moldy or musty smells indicate that the condenser coils may be burned out and water is collecting under the unit. This in turn may be allowing mold growth on the internal parts and mold can be very damaging to your air conditioner; the mold may also become airborne in your home.

3. Uneven cooling

Your rooms should all be relatively the same temperature when you run your air conditioner. The only exception would be rooms with large windows that you've left exposed, as the air conditioner is competing with the sunlight to keep the temperature even. However, in every other case the rooms should feel relatively similar when it comes to being cool, so if you notice differences in temperature this may mean your unit's motor or fan is burning out. In those cases it struggles to push cool air through to your rooms and you feel an uneven temperature.

4. The circuit breaker keeps tripping

If the circuit on which your air conditioner runs keeps tripping, chances are it's using too much power. This may be a sign that your wiring needs replacement but it may also mean that the unit is struggling to work and using more power than it should. If your electrical system is fine, check the air conditioning unit itself for needed repairs, or call a service like Equipment Service Professionals.