Preserving Your Valuables After A Hurricane

15 January 2015
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Hurricanes that move slowly can pour torrential rain and high winds on already saturated areas. As a result, your home can suffer two types of water damage. Backlogged sewers allow water to seep into your home and damage rugs, walls, and furniture. High winds can damage your roof and cause leaks from above. Take some precautionary steps to preserve your valuables when water damage occurs.

Call Your Insurance Agent

Call your insurance agent as soon as damage occurs so you can be at the top of the appraiser's list. Take photos of everything, including the overall rooms as well as individual items. Ask for their approved list of companies that do water damage restoration. Time is of the essence when your valuables have been exposed to flood waters.

Electrical Current

If your home has waters that have risen as high as the electrical outlets, then turn off the power before retrieving your items. If the room with the electrical box is flooded, call the power company to remotely cut power. If you do have power, then hook up a sump pump to limit damage to your home.

Retrieve Your Items

Wear knee-high rubber boots and rubber gloves since flood waters are generally contaminated. Although you might be tempted to start wiping things dry immediately, it's better to first remove them to a clean area. Mold spores multiply quickly in a warm and moist environment, so avoid breathing them.

Clean the Mess

Carry debris outside and shovel any mud. You will need to call a specialist if your home has floor vents and mud got into the ventilation system. If it did, don't turn on the air conditioner.

Call a Water Damage Restoration Contractor

Contractors try to respond within 24 hours to limit the growth of mold and mildew. If thousands of homes have been damaged, then you might have to wait longer. Call a company like Servpro Of Framingham as soon as possible so you get an early response time. Mold does damage in areas you don't see, especially when drywall or wood flooring has been drenched.

What a Restoration Contractor Does

These experts are specially trained in the field of water damage restoration. They repair electrical, plumbing, drywall and flooring to maintain your home's integrity. Then they work on secondary items, such as kitchen cabinets, carpeting, appliances, and furniture. They match the colors and patterns of your existing décor. You will be amazed at how they transform a flood-damaged house into a lovely home.