What You Should Do If You Think Asbestos Is In Your Home

9 February 2015
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When you are looking to renovate your home, you want to be cautious of any materials you think may contain asbestos. Since this substance can be harmful to those with lung issues and allergies, you must take specific precautions before removing it. To accomplish this task safely you need to understand more about asbestos and the steps you should take when you encounter it.

Visual Inspection

Since six types of asbestos occur naturally in nature, you need to know which one were used in your home. By completely a visual inspection, you will have an easier time identifying each type.

However, during this inspection, you should not poke, break or chip away any of the asbestos, since these actions would release fibers into the air. Breathing in the fibers is what makes them harmful to the human body.

Some of the more common asbestos you will encounter will be chrysotile, amosite and tremolite. Chrysotile has long curly fibers and it makes up 90 percent of products around the world that contains asbestos. Amosite and tremolite can have shorter fibers and they are commonly used in construction work and insulation products.

Testing Options

Once you have an idea about the type of asbestos in your home, you can then have the substances tested. If you choose to do this on your own, you must wear protective gear.

This gear includes eyewear, masks, long sleeves, pants and gloves. The idea is to prevent any of the fibers from coming into direct contact with your skin and you want to prevent it from going into your body through your nose, mouth and eyes.

After you have the protective gear on, you want to remove a small portion and seal it in a bag. It is also a good idea to buy an asbestos sealer that you apply over the broken portion, so the fibers do not loosen and fall off after you are done. You then need to send the sample to a certified lab so they can tell you what type of asbestos is in your home.

Professional Help

If the process of inspecting and testing your home seems intimidating, you can consult an asbestos company. These companies not only identify and test your home; they handle the problem as well.

In some cases, removal is not your best option because there is too much asbestos in your home. If this is your situation, the company, such as Infinity Enterprises, can seal the surface with a special chemical, which prevents the fibers from coming loose. With their assistance, you can work out a plan with the company, so you can deal with the asbestos that is in your home.