4 Great Fluid Control Products

1 June 2015
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Whether it's tanks, pipes, tubes or valves, fluid control is a complicated business. That's why knowing which products can improve your system best is important. While some systems span entire rooms in commercial buildings, others sit comfortably beneath the average kitchen sink. And as easy as it often is to understand the general principles behind things like sewage treatment or water filtration, the underlying mechanics and individual parts can be confusing. So read on below to check out four great fluid control products and all the advantages they offer, for systems big and small.

Fittings and Tank Adapters

Fittings are ubiquitous, and can be used with pipe, hose and tubes. They come in a wide variety of materials: CPVC, brass, polypropylene, PVDF, teflon, and many more. Advanced fittings such as tank adapters are made using these materials, and allow fluid to transition from one tank or filter to another without any loss of fluid. The gasket material, style and size of fittings and tank adapters vary greatly. The best fittings, including tank adapters, won't split from over-tightening and feature thick, durable gaskets that are water-tight.

Actuated Valves

Manual valves can be inconvenient and expensive. Actuated valves used in fluid control systems offer an automated alternative, and are manufactured in several variations, including butterfly, v-port, sanitary, knifegate and plug types. A threaded ball valve constructed with stainless steel is a perfect choice for many fluid control systems, because they're strong, durable and meant for industrial use.


Like many other components in a fluid control system, pumps come in a wide variety of types: centrifugal, metering, diaphragm, filter and drum pumps are just a few examples. Centrifugal pumps, for instance, allow fluid to be quickly and reliably transported from one tank to another by rapidly rotating the fluid. This is accomplished by an electrical motor that powers the pump. Most parts in centrifugal pumps are constructed from sturdy CPVC, including the volute and impeller.


Filtration systems are also an important part of fluid control. Whether your system is aimed to filter waste water or accomplish reverse osmosis, there are plenty of systems available to solve your system's specific issues. Reverse osmosis systems are now especially popular in residential buildings, and consist of several components: a pre-filter, carbon filter, membrane, post-filter, and storage tank. The filters and membranes must be replaced occasionally, but replacement sets are readily available at local hardware stores. Contact a company like DEWCO Pumps & Equipment, Inc for more information.