Unbelievable Luxury In Your Bathroom

25 June 2015
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In its most basic form, a bathroom is purely functional in nature—it's the hygiene center of a home, helping to keep the human body clean and to dispose of waste. On the other hand, considering the amount of time that people spend in the bathroom, it only makes sense to make it as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Manufacturers of bathroom fixtures offer a whole range of products ranging from purely functional to unbelievably luxurious.

A New Spin on the Toilet

Sitting on a cold toilet seat while your feet rest on a cold floor can make using the bathroom a miserable experience. One perennial source of contention in a home revolves around closing the toilet seat. Modern luxury toilets boost features such as automatic close seats, heated seats, floor vents that heat the floor, night lights, sensing equipment to advise you about your health, the ability to play music, state-of-the-art flushing, etc. While a luxury toilet will cost a pretty penny, the improved bathroom experience might just be worth the cost. 

The Luxury of Heat

Introducing heat to a bathroom can enhance your experience. To improve the water resistance of a floor, many bathrooms will feature tile. The drawback of using tiles is that they tend to be cold. By imbedding heated coils in your floor, you can ensure that you never again have to walk around on frigid tile. Another way to introduce heat to your bathroom is by the addition of a heated towel rack. While it is debatable that a heated towel will dry you any better than a room-temperature towel, the experience of bundling up in a heated towel is one of life's little luxuries. 

The Style of the Sink

The porcelain sink is the standard, but the limit for sink and vanity area is as endless as your imagination. One great way to add style to your bathroom is to feature a vessel sink. Such a sink will sit on top of your vanity as if it were a bowl, but it will be integrated with the counter and your drain. While not the only option for a bathroom, a vessel sink is one way to add a little style to your bathroom. 

If you want a bathroom that makes a statement and cradles you in the lap of luxury, bathroom fixture manufacturers have you covered. To get an idea of how to upgrade your bathroom, you should visit a bathroom or plumbing showroom, or contact a local plumbing installer, like Aurora Plumbing and Electric Supply, Inc.