Take These 4 Steps Monthly To Ensure Your Irrigation System Isn't Wasting Water

9 July 2015
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During the summer, outside irrigation systems often misdirect a large quantity of water. All that water that is misdirected is water that you still have to pay for and is clean water that is not being put to good use. By taking these four proactive steps at least once a month while your irrigation system is in use, you can help prevent water waste.

1. Visually Inspect Your System

Walk along your irrigation system and do a visual inspection while your system is running. Check each sprinkler head, and make sure that it is releasing water properly. 

If you run into any sprinklers that look like they are clogged, you can quickly check them for damage. Often times, sprinklers get clogged due to dirt and debris clogging up the screens, output nozzle and sprinkler head.

If you have experience with sprinkler heads, you can take your sprinkler head apart and clean all the parts and see if that fixes the problem. If you are not comfortable working with sprinkler heads, you can call in a professional sprinkler and drainage company to inspect and fix any broken or clogged sprinkler heads. 

Check All The Connection Points

After you have checked all the sprinkler heads, its time for a second inspection. This time, you are going to pay attention to all the spots where your irrigation system connects to a new pipe, sprinkler head or hose. These connection points are where a lot of water ends up being misdirected in home irrigation systems. 

A leak as thick as a dime in your irrigation system can lead to a water loss of 6,300 gallons of water each month if your irrigation system is on continually. Even a small leak can result in completely unnecessary water waste. 

Pay attention for water squirting out near the connection points, as well as water dripping or pooling near the connection points. If you spot any faulty connection points, you'll want to repair them as quickly as possible.

Often times, all you need to do to repair a leak at a connection point is to reattach the hose or sprinkler. If you have a leak in a pipe, you will need to remove the broken section of pipe and attach a new pipe. 

Make Sure That Your Water Is Directed Correctly

Next, you need to make sure that your water is directed at the correct location. It can be easy for stationary sprinklers to get moved and misdirected. Your pet may run into them, or you could easily hit them while you are doing yard work. Generally, all you need to do when the water is misdirected is turn the sprinkler or outlet in the correct direction again. 

This is an especially important step if you generally run your sprinkler system at night or in the early morning hours when you are not outside. It can be easy to miss something as simple as a sprinkler that is pointing in the wrong direction when you set your system to run automatically. 

Revisit Your Watering Schedule

Finally, at least once a month you should review your watering schedule and make sure that you are not wasting water. This is especially true if have set up an automatic irrigation schedule. Be sure to adjust your watering schedule based on changes in the seasons as well as changes in the needs of your plants or yard.

If you need help with any of the steps listed above, or run into any unforeseen complications when checking your irrigation system, call your local sprinkler and irrigation repair company like Turfbuilders Irrigation Inc. They will be able to quickly and easily help you fix any water waste problems you may find in your sprinkler system.