Tired Of Bad Roads In Your Neighborhood? Fight For Repairs

29 October 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If the roads in your subdivision are terrible and you want to address your HOA and your city about getting them fixed, you need to be prepared for meetings with HOA directors and the township with the help of your neighbors. You will want to talk about the dangers of old and damaged roads, and you want to know the cost.

Preparing for the meetings properly will show that your efforts were well researched and that you are serious about getting the roads paved and repaired. Here are key things to point out.


A road that is damaged and dirty can be dangerous. Roads that are worn have no traction and can cause cars to slide around when the weather is icy or when they try to stop quickly. The pot holes can also cause cars to jerk. If there are many cracks and pot holes, people could get injured riding bikes and walking on the streets. Pot holes can also gather water that freezes, making ice patches on the road.

Paving Estimates

Call a couple of road paving companies to get estimates to have the worst roads done, and to see what the cost would be to have the entire development done. If you can't get it all done at one time, you may be able to swing the homeowner's in your area to increase HOA fees for 2 years to get the rest of the roads done. The estimates can show the township and HOA exactly what the cost will be for the much needed changes, and as a neighborhood you could choose to swing the cost on your own. Click here for info on road paving services and prices.

Value Depreciation

Discuss how difficult it is to maintain the value of your home and to sell properties when the road to get to your home is damaged and unsightly. This depreciates the value of the homes in the area, which will negatively affect the entire community because buyers will shy away. Higher home values mean that people have to pay higher taxes, and the city will like that.

Talk with your neighbors and see if you can get a petition signed to have the roads paved. Get cost estimates for the amount of money people have spent to have vehicles repaired because of damages caused by the road, and get other residents to rally behind you. With this information, you have enough knowledge to start working towards getting something completed in the near future.