The Benefits Of Adding Vinyl Cladding To Your Windows

17 November 2015
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Over the years, windows can wear down, warp and lose their energy efficiency. As a result, your windows can be loud and leaky. If you have this problem with your wooden windows, you don't necessarily need to replace them. One great option is to add vinyl cladding to the inside of your sashes. This retrofitting process is specialized work and needs to be done by a window professional. However, it is still much cheaper than investing in brand new windows. This article explains the perks of investing in cladding instead of installing new windows.

What is Cladding?

Cladding is usually made out of a weatherproof material like vinyl. The cladding is easy to attach to existing wooden windows because it can be screw directly into the sash for a strong hold. The cladding is installed over the interior sash, so the vinyl cladding is visible from the inside, but it is hidden on the exterior. The exterior side of your windows will be wooden, but the interior will be clad in vinyl.

Also, the locking mechanisms are lined up so the window is secured on the cladding, not the wood. This helps the window to close better and have a tighter seal. This also makes the window safer and harder to breach.

What Does it Do?

The cladding is cut so it fits perfectly inside the frame. This eliminates any gaps between the wooden sashes and frame. Since wood can warp when it gets wet, it is a very common problem on old sashes. Vinyl cladding ensures that no further warping occurs. The cladding will also be caulked along the inside edge of the window pane. This helps secure the pane, reduce shaking and prevent air leakage.

The biggest benefit of vinyl cladding on a wooden window is that it makes your windows so much more environmentally friendly. You will instantly be less dependent on your heater and air conditioner. Rooms with drafty windows will now be air tight and the temperature will be easy to control. Over the months, you will start to see the savings on your utility bills.

Cladding is also so much more convenient than replacing the windows. Window replacement takes several days and you often have to empty out the room while the work is being done. Adding cladding will only take a day, and you will not need to live in a house with missing fixtures. It is a smart investment if you want to increase the efficiency of your window without spending too much money.

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