Prying Eyes Are Watching: How To Increase Privacy To A Chain Link Fence

21 February 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


The chain link fence that surrounds your home safely encloses your property and may even assist with keeping your young children and pets contained so they aren't subject to danger. Although this type of enclosure is economical and attractive, you may still feel as if people in your neighborhood are watching your every move whenever you go outside. To increase your privacy, without compromising the beauty or quality of the fence that was installed, try one of the following options.

Rolled Fencing

If you are going to be spending time outdoors and don't want neighbors to see what you are doing, purchase rolled fencing to place in front of the chain link fence. This item comes in a variety of colors and textures and can quickly be rolled in front of any type of fencing. Measure the length and height of the fence on your property in order to purchase rolled fencing that is the same size. Keep the rolled fencing in your garage or garden shed so that you can quickly access it.

If you are having an intimate party or are soaking up the rays in your backyard and want to be left alone, place the rolled fencing in front of your real fence and unwind it until it covers all of the holes in the permanent fence's exterior. Once finished, roll it back up and place it in storage until you would like to use it again.

Flowering Vines And Flowers

If you are a flower and plant lover at heart, you can use your interests and keep yourself protected from "peeking people" at the same time. Purchase some vines that do well climbing up structures, such as trellises and columns. Plant them in the ground, next to the fence. If you prefer flowers, opt for some that have large blooms that grow quickly. Individuals who pass by your property may be mesmerized by the beauty of the plants you have added. The vines and flowers will divert their attention and they may not be so interested in seeing what is behind your fence.

Decorative Fence Slats

Custom colors and styles can be implemented to create slats that cover specific portions of a fence. Slats can even be matched to a home's exterior or the color of the chain link that is on the property.

To install slats, line up each one with the opening at the top of the chain link fence. Soapy water (dish detergent and water) will need to be used in order to get the slats to adhere. For exact instructions for the type of slats that were purchased, it is best to read the manufacturer's instructions.

Use any, or all of these methods. Once you do, get out there on your property and enjoy your privacy. For more information on your fencing options, consider contacting companies like All Counties Fence and Supply.