Impact-Resistant Doors And Windows Can Withstand Hurricane Force Winds

13 May 2016
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Even a category one hurricane has damaging winds, starting at 74 miles per hour with a category five starting at 157 miles per hour. The wind speeds of category one hurricane can start to cause severe damage and the amount of damage only increases as the severity of the winds picks up. Not only is there strong winds causing damage, there is also debris being blown about, which can break windows and doors, and tear up roofs. What is one way to minimize damage from the wind and wind-blown debris?

Impact Windows and Doors

One way is to add things like impact doors and windows. While these doors and windows aren't impact-proof, they are impact-resistant. Impact-proof would mean that there is no way that they could break when being hit. Impact-resistant means that the doors and windows can withstand much more potential damage than regular doors and windows can. 

Impact doors

The average interior door is usually a hollow-core door. That means that the door is basically a hollow box. The average exterior door is usually a foam-core door. That's a door that has some thick foam inserted in between the two sides of the door. That stiffens and strengthens the door and gives the door some insulating properties. Impact doors have a different construction altogether. 

Impact-resistant doors have a steel plate installed in between the two sides of the door. That steel plate is what helps to keep the wind and debris from destroying the door. The doors may also have extra strong hinges and a longer piece of lock to go further into the door frame to help support a locked door better. An impact door may also include a stronger frame. The door is only as strong as the weakest point, and that is often the door frame. Strengthening the frame also strengthens the door. 

Impact doors can be made with wood on both sides, so it can be very hard to tell at first glance that the door is impact-resistant.

Impact windows

Impact windows are still possible to be seen through, just like any regular window. The biggest difference is that the glass has been hardened, which lets it handle higher impacts. The windows also tend to be laminated glass. This glass is like windshield glass in your car. It is layers of glass with a special adhesive in between the layers. The laminated glass will allow for damage to happen to the outer layers while the inner layers still retain their integrity. 

Staying safe and minimizing property damage in a hurricane is important. Impact windows and doors can help with that.