Is Your Home's Water Safe?

6 July 2016
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When it comes to water quality, a sign of a problem isn't always blatant. The average person typically assumes that an issue with their water quality will be obvious, such as discolored water. The reality is that it's often easy to overlook a problem with quality if you don't know what you're looking for. Make sure you know how to recognize a problem with your water.  


If several people in your home seem to keep getting ill and they have the same symptoms, it's a good idea to focus on your water. Contaminated water can harbor a number of dangerous bacteria, including coliform and E.coli. All of these bacteria can cause illness and in high-levels, they can lead to serious injury. This is especially the case for your younger children, the elderly or any other person who has a weakened immune system.

Clothing Damage

When you wash your clothes you expect them to come out the machine looking better, not looking worse. If your clothes are getting damaged during the wash cycle, there might be too much iron in your water. Too much iron in water can cause your clothes to develop orange or yellow stains. These colored stains may also form inside the machine. Water with extra iron might also have a bitter taste.

Foul Odor

By no means should your water have an odor, especially not a foul odor. If the water from your tap smells similar to the scent of rotten eggs, this is likely an indication that you have an issue with a colorless gas technically known as hydrogen sulfide, but more often referred to as sulfur water. In most cases this isn't exactly a life-threatening situation, but you likely also don't want to consume water in this type of scenario.

Fixture Stains

Another indication that there is an imbalance with your water are stains on your fixtures, such as those in your kitchen or bathroom. If your fixtures have dark purple or black stains on them, this is often an indication that there is an increased level of manganese in your water. In some cases, these stains might also transfer to your water so keep your eyes open. Water with manganese may also have a hard or bitter taste.

Working with a water purification professional, like one at Pure Flow Water Company, won't just help you highlight any issues with your water quality, but more importantly, help you address these issues. Make sure you're making water safety a priority in your home.