Maintaining Your Dock: Three Things You Need To Know

26 August 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Whether you have a newly constructed dock on your waterfront property or you purchased a home with an existing dock, maintaining the structure is important. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your dock stays in great shape so you always have access to your boat.

Clean The Support Structures

Barnacles and plants can build up on your dock's support beams. They can attract other animals and fish, and the buildup of wildlife and plans may compromise the structural integrity of the dock. You can use a putty knife to scrape away moss, barnacles, and debris from the posts supporting your dock. Once you have finished scraping each post, use a scrubbing brush or scouring pad to finish cleaning the posts. Inspect the posts regularly so you can stay on top of plant growth and prevent problems before they occur.

Seal The Wood

If your dock is constructed from wood, you'll want to re-apply sealant regularly. Exposure to the sun and water over time can cause the wood on your dock to warp or become damaged, and a sealant can help to prevent these problems. Before you use any chemical treatments, be sure to check with your local municipality. Some local governments prohibit the use of chemicals on docks, as they may adversely affect marine life. If you can't use chemical treatments, consider hiring a contractor to replace damaged boards with pre-treated wood.

Inspect Metal Joints And Slats

Some docks are made from metal, which can be more durable than wood structures, in some cases. However, metal can ruse over time. Inspect the joints and corners of your dock to look for rust damage. Minor rusting can be sanded away, while major issues may need to be looked at by a contractor. Your dock builder may be able to weld the damaged metal to repair it. In cases of severe damage and rust, you may need to have portions of the dock replaced. You'll also want to inspect the metal hardware on your dock, whether it is made from wood or metal. Screws and nails can rust and deteriorate, which can impact the sturdiness of your dock.

Partner with a dock builder or contractor to have your boat dock inspected regularly. This will ensure your structure is in peak condition so you always have access to your boat and the full enjoyment of your waterfront property. For more information, check out the site.