Tips on How to Waterproof a Basement

21 February 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


There is nothing like having water where you do not want it to be. A flooded basement is one of the most frustrating things that you can go through as a homeowner. It is almost like there is nothing that you can do. You ultimately have to pump out the water and often you have to do a lot of restoration work on your basement. The restoration work can cost a lot of money. There are a few different things that every homeowner should do to help waterproof their basement. 


There are a few things that can help and they often do not take a lot of time. One of the first things that you should do is make sure that there is slope away from the home. Water runs downhill and that can mean that it runs right down to the home if the slope is toward the home. However if you make sure that the slope is away from the home the water will flow away from the home. If you find that the slope is not what it should be, it can be fixed fairly quickly. You can add dirt or concrete force the slope away from the home.


Different types of greenery such as shrubs or trees can also cause a big problem. The roots of these plants can unfortunately grow down and cause damage to the foundation of the home. It is a good idea to try and remove any of these types of plants from the home. When you do this try and check the home for any damage that could have been done by the roots of the plants. Go to the inside of the house and visually inspect the basement. Inspect the basement often especially after a rainstorm or after the sprinklers have run. 

Use a Waterproofer & Sump Pump 

You can brush on a waterproofer onto the walls of your basement to make them more waterproof. You can also use products that are like a waterproof concrete. These will make sure that the walls themselves are waterproof. Often the water comes from under the walls and can therefore be a problem. It is a good idea to install a sump pump into your basement. The sump pump will kick on whenever there is excess water.

These are just a few ways to help waterproof the home, but remember to inspect the basement often to notice any water before it becomes a big problem. Learn more or receive assistance by contacting services like Central Penn Waterproofing.