4 Unique Elements To Consider For Your Deck

1 June 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Whether you are remodeling your existing deck, or you are thinking about adding one to your home for the first time, there are many different elements you can add to make this space a cozy, stunning place for your family to enjoy. Here are some design elements to consider as you go over your plans with your deck service contractor.

1. Built-In Benches

If your deck space is limited, you may find that there isn't a lot of room for large outdoor furniture sets. You can overcome this obstacle by adding built-in benches along the edges of the deck area. For a second-story or raised deck, the benches can be incorporated into the railing design. Choose simple wood construction for the benches and add cushions and pillows to customize the look. This option also lets you change up the look of your deck throughout the summer to coordinate with holidays.

2. Custom Planter Boxes

Custom planter boxes can bring greenery to large decks, and they also offer a great way to define the space for your deck area. Use raised planter boxes to create a border for decks that are above ground level and work with your contractor to build the planters, so they are part of your deck. You can even use a combination of planter boxes and the built-in benches listed above to create a unique look for your deck area.

3. In-Floor Lighting

Adding in-floor lighting for your deck offers a unique way to illuminate your outdoor entertainment area. Installing recessed lighting directly into the decking makes it easier to light the entire area, and wires for the lights can be run underneath the floorboards for a seamless appearance. This lighting option is also ideal if your deck is raised off of ground level, as it improves visibility at night to reduce the chances of missing the step from the deck to the yard. You can also add lights to any staircases you are planning for your deck to provide additional safety.

4. Sun Shades

You can get more use out of your deck throughout the summer months by adding a sun shade. This structure helps keep your deck cooler on hit, sunny days by filtering out sunlight and creating refreshing shade for you and your guests. Some designs can also keep rain away so that you can enjoy a cup of coffee on your deck during a brisk spring rainstorm. Choose a retractable design so you can make the most of the sunlight when you want to. If you prefer a more traditional look, you can opt for a deck awning instead of a more modern sun shade.

Discuss these options with your preferred deck builders, and determine which ones make the most sense for your deck layout and available space.