7 Ways To Design A Shower That Will Work For Your Needs As You Age

10 July 2018
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As you get older, you may need to rethink the way that you have your shower set-up. As your mobility and balance change, you want a shower that you are able to safely use. That may require redesigning your shower in a way that will accommodate your changing needs over the long-term.

#1 Add a Bigger Door

As you get older, you may need to use mobility aids to get around. You may need to use a walker, cane, or even a wheelchair to get around. When you redesign your shower, you are going to want to make sure that your shower is big enough to accommodate a walker or other mobility aids.

That doesn't mean that your door can't be stylish. You can install a frameless shower door that looks nice and sleek; just make sure that the door is on the extra wide side.

#2 Get Rid of the Door

You can also get rid of your shower door altogether. You can create a doorless shower that you just walk freely into. A doorless shower can look really stylish, and it can help ensure that you are always able to easily enter and exit your shower as your needs change.

#3 Get Rid of the Curb

Curbs are for parking lots, not for your shower. Get rid of the curb on your shower, and create an entrance that seamlessly blends with your floor. Getting rid of the curb in your shower will also reduce your risk of falling as you get in and out of your shower. Just make sure that your floor is adequately slanted and that you have a great drainage system to ensure that water doesn't build up.

#4 Add Some Grab Bars

When you redesign your shower, add some grab bars. Grab bars can give you something to hold onto when you are in the shower. They can help you keep your balance when you are in your shower, and they can ensure that you don't fall down while you are taking a shower.

#5 Add an Extra Showerhead

Consider adding an extra mobile showerhead to your shower set-up; you can still keep your traditional showerhead. With a mobile showerhead, you can navigate the water to where you need it to be.

#6 Add a Seat

Who said that showering has to be all about standing up? Add a stationary seat to your shower set-up. A stationary seat will provide you somewhere to sit when you need to get clean but standing up is too much. A place to sit in your shower can make taking care of your personal needs a little easier.

#7 Make Sure You Have Storage Space

Finally, think about how many products you like to keep in your shower space. Add in the built-in storage that will accommodate the amount of products you like to keep on hand. Some people like to keep products to a minimum in their shower and other people like to max out on products; think of your own preferences and use that to guide the amount of storage you need in your shower. Falling bottles and soap bars is not safe, and having the right amount of storage can prevent a bottle or bar of soap from tripping you because it fell off an overcrowded shelf.

When you redesign your shower, add features that will allow you to use your shower as you age and your needs change. A professional can perform a frameless shower door installation and get rid of the curb in your shower. Consider adding some grab bars, an extra shower head, a seat and adequate storage. Plan for a shower that will work for you for all the challenges and changes your encounter in the years ahead.