3 Reasons You Need Your Roof Inspected

31 December 2018
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Roof inspections are just one way to feel secure about the integrity and safety of your home. There are many reasons to have your roof inspected, well before there is an obvious problem.

Routine Inspections

Many homeowners may neglect regular inspections of their roof due to costs or they forget, which can mean problems that occur are likely significant once they are discovered. Depending on your roofing material, you should expect to have your roof inspected every three to five years. Roofing materials that are less expensive and more prone to damage, such as shingles or asphalt, will need to be inspected more often than metal or other durable materials. If you have an older home, you likely need to consider inspections beyond the roof. Although your roof might be fine, if other structures throughout your home are damaged or not stable, they could eventually cause your roof to fail.

Significant Weather Events

If your home survives a major weather event, such as a hurricane, you may need your roof inspected even if the damage seems minimal. For example, a major hurricane will frequently blow tiles and shingles off the roof, which is difficult to see from the ground level. Although a large tree falling on your roof will be obvious, smaller branches that fall onto the roof may cause damage that is not easy to see. Even small amounts of damage after a major weather event could lead to cracks or weakening in your roof that will eventually cause leaks or allow animals inside your home. It is best to be cautious and have your roof inspected, especially if you cannot survey your roof for any damage.

Planning For A Replacement

When you are considering replacing your roof, you should start the planning early with an inspection. You will need the inspector to tell you about the current integrity of the roof, but also what types of replacement materials the supporting structures can withstand. Knowing this information early can help you formulate a plan to have the roof replaced around the time any major repairs would be needed. Additionally, you may want to upgrade to better materials for your next roof. In general, better materials often come with a higher price tag and you may need additional work to be certain your home can handle the extra weight of a sturdier roof.

You would safeguard other aspects of your home with inspections, so your roof should not be an exception. Knowing when to have an inspection can prevent small problems from turning into complete roof failures. Contact a service, like   Par One Construction, Inc., for more help.