Why Is My House Not Receiving Enough Water From My Well Pump?

24 October 2019
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It's a nuisance when you turn your water on and nothing comes out of the faucet. If your water is being delivered to you by a well pump, this problem can often be solved by servicing the well pump. There are some steps you can take before contacting a well pump contractor.

Check the Power

The well pump might not be receiving power. If this is the case, the breaker or power switch might have been turned off. If you can confirm that the pump is receiving power, the problem is not with the power but a mechanical problem with the pump itself. 

Check the Pressure

Sometimes, the well water pump might be pulsating. This is caused by there not being enough pressure inside the tank. The pressure is the result of an internal air bladder and an external power source. You'll notice the water coming out in spurts, and you'll also possibly experience damage in your pipes and water fixtures. You will have to shut off the well pump, access the bladder, and add or release pressure to it based on whether it has enough pressure or not. The gauge should read at least 40psi.

Call a Well Pump Contractor

If there are mechanical problems with your well pump, you'll likely need to have it repaired or replaced. Contact a well pump specialist to have him or her come out to take a look at your pump. If you have recently added fixtures, you might need a new well pump because the old pump might not provide you with enough water pressure for all of these fixtures. 

Sometimes, it might be discovered that the problem isn't the pump itself but the depth of the pump. Your pump might have been at the right depth originally, but the water level might have dropped and you'll need to lower the depth of the well pump so that it can pump an adequate amount of water. 

Call a Plumbing Contractor

The problem might not be the pump itself, but the pipe through which the water is delivered to you by the well pump. If this is the case, you will need to have a plumber inspect and repair your pipe so that it is no longer clogged. But regardless of the problem, there is a way to solve it so that your house can continue to draw water from your well.

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