A Guide To Marina Repair Services

16 July 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


There always comes an obligation to get professional repair service when you own a marina. Having the help of a marina repair service contractor affords you the best service. Consider the strategies below so that your marina remains in top condition through focused repair service and a little TLC. 

Repair the surface of the marina so that the wood or vinyl doesn't strip or get too dirty

Fixing the surface is a common marina repair since they are usually manufactured with wood or vinyl. These surfaces are often hit with water on a regular basis. The water begins to erode the surface and create long-lasting damage that compromises the marina. 

Consider whether you require repairs for a wood surface or a vinyl surface. Wood repair might involve fixing splinters and installing a wood deck sealer. You may also have to get a marina repair professional to go underwater and fix rot on the underside of wooden planks or see how the beams are holding up.

Making major repairs to a boat dock requires careful planning and execution. Otherwise, you leave your boat dock susceptible to cracks and problems that degrade the entire structure. The repairs that you are seeking might cost you between approximately $600 and $3,000 in most cases. 

Fix the corners and connective parts

Your marina repair company will also fix loose or exposed connective parts. Nails and screws that are sticking up can pose an injury threat. Loose parts may also weaken the dock so that it can no longer support your boat in any functional manner. Be particularly mindful that you sand and smooth corners and replace any connective parts that may have corroded. Replace the boards and resurface the marina dock when necessary. 

Secure the permits and permissions that you need for any repairs

It's best to hire professionals for marina repairs since they understand the permits and permissions required. Getting a permit for your marina repair will prevent building fines and will keep the structure up to codes and standards. This may involve shutting the marina down for extended periods of time — particularly whenever you're fixing issues like rusted chains or rotted wood planks. These issues pose a safety hazard that can make your marina unusable for a while. Having a professional do these repairs for you makes this process far easier. 

Let these tips help you when you're trying to make repairs to your marina. For more information, contact a marina repair service in your area.